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    Alpha Pinene 95% - Spain

    Alpha Pinene 95% - Spain in Tradeasia

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    Alpha Pinene 95%


    20 MT - Iso-tank

    Brief Overview

    Alpha Pinene is a monoterpene, found mainly in eucalyptus oils and oils of aromatic plants such as rosemary. It is known to possess antimicrobial, apoptotic, antimetastatic, and antibiotic properties

    Manufacturing Process

    Alpha pinene is typically obtained by the distillation of turpentine oils which contains 58-65% alpha-pinene along with 30% of beta-pinene. Both isomers of pinene (alpha and beta) are made from the same starting materials. Firstly, geranyl pyrophosphate is converted to linaloyl pyrophosphate. After this, linaloyl pyrophosphate undergoes a cyclization event to form a six-membered ring. This intermediate reacts rapidly with itself to form an intramolecular four-membered ring. Upon forming both rings, there will be a loss of a hydrogen ion and depending on the location of the hydrogen ion, it can either give us beta or alpha pinene.

    1. Aromatic, Flavours and Fragrances 
    2. Beauty and Personal Care
    3. Pharmaceutical
    4. Derivative Chemical

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