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    Manganese Carbonate

    Manganese Carbonate in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Manganese Carbonate

    Cas Number


    HS Code





    Basic Info


    Rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder

    Common Names

    Manganese(II) Carbonate, Manganous Carbonate Rhodochrosite


    25 kg Woven Bags lined with plastic

    Brief Overview

    Manganese carbonate is a natural occurring inorganic chemical compound from the mineral Rhdochrosite with the chemical formula of MnCO3. Manganese carbonate is insoluble in water and most of the carbonates solution. Manganese carbonate is an essential compound for aerobic life and it is not considered as toxic chemical compound.

    Manufacturing Process

    Manufacturing technique of high-purity manganese carbonate through ammonium salt circulating method comprises the following steps: 

    1. Adopting poor-manganese ore to recycle artificial Mn(OH)2 or high grade other manganese ore; reducing and sintering to obtain MnO and condensed ammonium sulfate; evaporating NH3 gas out of tower; meeting cold water to recycle the regenerative ammonia; reacting with recycled CO2 to obtain regenerative ammonium carbonate; filtering slag to obtain manganese liquid; 

    2. Heating manganese sulfate liquid after purifying; obtaining the crystal; dissolving into the water; proceeding ion exchange to purify to obtain high-purity manganese sulfate liquid; 

    3. Making condensed high-purity ammonium carbonate solution; 

    4. Pumping two high-purity liquid into double-circulating metathetical sediment; obtaining high-purity MnCO3 crystal; 

    5. Recycling mother water; condensing; obtaining the regenerative condensed ammonium sulfate liquid; circulating;

    6. Adopting ammonium chloride and ammonium nitrate to replace ammonium sulfate.

    Animal Feed Industry

    In animal feed industry, feed grade manganese carbonate is used as a nutritional supplement to promote growth and improve bone health

    Fertilizer Industry

    Used in fertilizer industry to cure manganese deficient crops as an additive to the plants. Manganese carbonate is used in fertilizer industry as a trace element fertilizer.  

    Chemical Industry

    Used as a raw material for the production of ferrite, catalyst of desulfurization, pigment of enamel, siccative of varnish, Phosphating process and the production of Manganese salts. Manganese carbonate decomposes with release of carbon dioxide at 200 °C to give manganese(II) oxide. This method is sometimes used in the production of manganese dioxide for dry-cell batteries and for ferrites.  

    Other Applications

    Used as a glaze colorant in ceramic industry and in medicine as a hematinic. It is used as pigment and for drying varnishes. Manganese carbonate is also used in the manufacture of medicine ancillary equipment and mechanical parts.

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