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    Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)

    Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) in Tradeasia

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    Light Brown Solid

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    185 Kgs Steel Drums

    Brief Overview

    Palm fatty acid distillate is a by-product of the crude palm oil refinery. It appears as a light brown solid at room temperature and melts into a brown liquid when heated. The melting point is 60°C. Palm fatty acid distillate is used in cosmetic and nutraceutical industries as a source ingredient for dietary supplements. It is also used as raw materials for animal feeds and laundry soaps.

    Manufacturing Process

    During harvest and transportation, oil palm fruit will start degrading because of normal bruising. Fats in the fruits will degrade more with an increase in transportation time. These degraded fats are then removed to create a food-quality standard palm oil fruit. These excesses that are being removed are non-food grade PFAD.

    Animal Feed

    It is used as a feedstock for many different products of animal feeds such as calcium soap for animal feed.


    It is used as a low-cost raw material for biodiesel production.


    It is used to produce fatty alcohol and fatty acid esters used in cosmetic industries.


    It is used to manufacture laundry and toilet grade soap noodles depending on oils blend and ratios.

    Other Applications

    It is used to produce food emulsifiers, foam stabilizers, water repellants and to extract vitamin E.

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