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    Gum Turpentine Oil - Brazil

    Gum Turpentine Oil - Brazil in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Clear Liquid

    Common Names

    Gum Turpentine Oil


    (170 kg drum), (20.000 kg iso tank)

    Brief Overview

    Gum turpentine oil is a natural liquid extracted through the steam distillation of resin obtained from various pine tree species, primarily belonging to the Pinus genus. This unrefined oil possesses a complex and diverse composition, featuring a spectrum of terpenes, including pinene, camphene, and limonene.

    Manufacturing Process

    Turpentine oil is produced from Pine Tree. The resins are collected, and then it is sent to a factory where it is melted. Further distillation and condensation yield turpentine oil.

    Pine Tree -> Sap Collection -> Fresh resins -> Steam boiler to melt resins -> Distillation of resin -> Condensation of volatile compounds -> Turpentine Oil

    Adhesive Formulation

    Widely used in adhesive manufacturing, gum turpentine oil dissolves and disperses resins, enhancing adhesive properties.

    Cleaning Products

    Found in paint thinners and brush cleaners, gum turpentine oil is a potent solvent for removing paint, grease, and substances from surfaces and tools.

    Agricultural Pesticides

    Utilized in agriculture for pesticide formulation, leveraging natural origin and solvent properties for pest control.

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